Update, and something about running

OKay, my mom is still in the hospital. From Christmas until earlier today, she had an NG tube (or, outside medical parlance, a nasogatric tube; basically, she had a tube running through her nose and down into her stomach, to suck out fluids). Until Sunday, she was only getting IVs of sugar water and could only get water by using a sponge. On Sunday, they finally started giving her a nutrient IV, and today she finally got the NG tube removed, and is on a liquid diet - which is a huge improvement from yesterday. So, there is some good news there.

And, on running news - before Christmas, we bought a Fitline 400 treadmill. Now, according to the review on Treadmill Doctor, a "$2000 Fitline is like a $80,000 VW." Fortunately, we paid substantially less than that for it - get managed to get one at somewhat less than half the theoretical MSRP, including tax. (I brought it home myself, and will spare you the saga of getting it into the house - we laughed, we cried, I used a lot of Ben-Gay afterwards. You try manhandling a treadmill down stairs that are too narrow, while it tries to unfold on you. Lots of fun, I promise.) Anyway, it's going to be nice for days like today, where I don't make the Y, and still want to get a run in.

And I need to get one in. I plan on running a total of 1750 miles this year, or just under 34 miles per week. So far, I have run 2 miles of that, or .11%. Tonight, I plan on using the treadmill for a 4 or 5 mile run, though I might see if I can break a 20 minute 5k. I'm close; I managed 19:45 or so for three miles a couple of weeks ago, but the holidays and a lot of driving might mean that it has to wait until next month as an achievement.


Blogger Wes said...

Very nice! I can just see you trying to manhandle that mill down the stairs LOL. Glad all body parts are intact! A sub-20 5K? Holy Crap! Good luck with it.

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