Back in the saddle again

ORN: No running, but I did 11.4 miles on the bike. I took it pretty easy, but my legs still felt pretty sluggish, and my knee and Achilles were constant reminders that I definitely do not want to rush things just yet. I'm holding off until the 1st - then I start running again. Until then, I just don't want to lose any fitness.

Nothing major really happened today. We went to the Y, I ran, the son played with the other kids, we went to the library, and came home. It's not a terribly interesting day.

I am hoping to put some pics up from the marathon. I just need to get them off the camera, and have some of them sent to me. Maybe this weekend or so, if I get the chance.


Blogger L*I*S*A said...

My achilles has been acting up recently, too. I can go a few days without hearing from it, then all of a sudden, 'bam'! I just take it easier and all is well.

3:02 PM  

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