ORN: Took today off too. Did some light yardwork, and ran a couple of errands. Knee and Achilles feel well enough that I plan on biking tomorrow.

One of my errands today was grocery shopping. Normally, this is something that the son and I do, once or twice per week, and he generally keeps me honest. After all, you pick up habits, both good and bad, while you are young, and I'd like for him to have healthful habits like exercising and eating right.

Tonight he was not with me, and I am in what appears to be a fairly normal post-marathon frame of mind. My next marathon is almost a full year off, and although I plan on running a half or two before then, I'm not really "in training" for anything. This means that I can indulge - and, given the time of year, Halloween candy was looking mighty good. So were chips, dip, beer, soda, etc.

Now, to be fair to me, not everything was bad. I loaded up on fresh produce, rice, breads, cheeses, chicken and so forth, but far more of this grocery bill was pure, unadulterated junk. Part of it I can rationalize as daily rewards for NaNoWriMo (which starts on the 1st), and some of it was just because I felt that I could break "training" a little.

I'll still eat well - fruits and veggies will be most snacks, but for the next few of weeks, I'm going to allow myself more junk food than normal. All things in moderation. . . including moderation.

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