Rest, recovery, and REVENGE

ORN: None yet. I took today off, to give my knee and my Achilles time to heal up a bit. I failed to mention that in my last post - I woke up Monday morning, and my Achilles tendon was sore. Not in a post-long run kind of way, but a "You did something stupid, and now you must pay for it" kind of way.

Anyway, the general wisdom is that you have to forget about the pain and suffering of your previous marathon before signing up for the next one. Sod that - I'm already planning my revenge on the Chicago marathon for next year. Due to some scheduling issues (like, having a newborn right about the beginning of the spring marathon season), I'll only get one long race in next year - so that's going to be it. (Actually, I could squeeze in another marathon somewhere here in Michigan, but I want to focus on the Windy City instead.) 2008 will see me doing the Goofy Challenge, Detriot and probably one or two more, but 2007 is only going to have one real race for me.

So, I am planning out a training schedule. I am reading up on speedwork again, and planning more routes with hills, and some rougher terrain. If I can handle a decent pace on a biking trail, then no stupid manhole cover is going to stop me!

I'm not going to claim that Chicago in 07 will make me Boston bound or anything silly like that. But I intend to improve on the pace I was doing at the half, and hold it the whole way through. It's going to be tough, but I can do it.


Blogger Wes said...

Rest time is the best time for plotting!

9:54 AM  
Blogger yumke said...

You and me both.. I'm already planning number two and Chicago is at the top of that list.. we'll see..

6:13 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Me three! I'm already claiming revenge on Chicago 07...

...as well as planning a handful of races in the spring.

It's on.

Hope your knee is doing better!!!

1:34 AM  

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