Painting challenge

I haven't updated the status on this in some time.

These pics are really lousy, but it's not worth using the good lens and moving the stuff from the painting area to someplace with better light for WIP (work in progress) pics.

The stealth suits are still a little bright, but a light spray of a matte sealer should reduce that considerably. I've started the bases (yes, I do my bases when I am almost done with the fig), but I had to let the Magic Dip dry completely. That trio should be done tomorrow, if I can get around to finishing their bases. The Fire Warriors are almost done with the base colors - the details are lacking, because I didn't bother with the good lens. Tomorrow I should finish the base colors on the remainder, and start working on the highlights.

The drones are started, and I would have gotten more done on the Crisis suits, but I had to repair one of them, so things got a little stalled.

So far, I am reasonably pleased with the overall progress. I wouldn't claim these to be painted by any stretch, but ya gotta admit, it's a vast improvement over bare plastic and metal.



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