Happy delivery

The son has been a little train-obsessed for a while. Well, about 2 years, but anyway. . . earlier today, outside our door, the USPS dropped off a package. A long, wide, flat package. One which, when we opened it, held his first train set.

We've been telling him for a while that he would get one, and he knew it was coming, so it wasn't some huge, Christmas-level surprise, but he was bouncing off the walls when he saw it. It's an older set, so none of that fancy EZ-Track or anything, but it's (1) similar to the first set I had when I was a kid; and (2) inexpensive. I've told him that anything he breaks beyond my ability to repair does not get replaced, so if he trashes the engine, he's out of luck. But so far, in 30 minutes of play, he's been very careful with it.

We'll see if I am still saying the same thing next week.



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