I'm not going to post about the horrific nature of the damage, or the incredible stories of heroism that will come out of it, but I am going to make an observation:

The sad thing is the number of people that are blaming this on the current administration - either through failure to impliment Kyoto (e.g.), or through not funding La. levees enough (e.g.).The first accusation is ridiculous - the Senate would have been the one to ratify Kyoto, and it shot the treaty down during the Clinton administration. Regarding the second, it appears that when La. did not get extra dough from the federal coffers, they repalced it with. . . nothing. Call me silly, but if there is a problem in my house, I don't look for the city to give me a hand out - and if there is a problem in my state, I think a solution should come from within, rather than waiting on the sugar daddies of Washington DC to come me way.

I could come up with more sources for both of the above, but right now is not the time for partisan bickering - people on one forum slam Bush for not being there, people on another proclaim that if he shows up, he's going to be grandstanding for political gain. I'm disgusted with a lot of people right now, including any religious people who are proclaiming Katrina as some sort of biblical Armageddon for New Orleans. It's a major tragedy here in our country - can't we forget, just for a couple weeks, that we are anything other than Americans, and concentrate instead on helping the wounded and the suffering?

If you want to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, go here.


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