Language for children

I touched on this rather tengentially in a previous post, when I mentioned "Mickey water", but a comment left by Kyle compells me to add a bit more.

As he so truly notes, parenthood really changes ones speech, in subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways. I no longer curse as much, for example, since the little one's ears are remarkably good about repeating sounds at inopportune times. Likewise, we no longer have a Saturn Wagon or a Dodge Intrepid - we have "Mommy's car" and "Daddy's car". We're not going on a trip to Wal-mart - we're going to the "store with the fish and the ceiling fans."

It generally doesn't both me much, but I have noticed a rather disturbing tendency to refer to myself in the third person. It's no longer "I want you to sit down," but "Daddy wants you to sit down." It wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't do it around other adults.

At least I haven't cut anyone's dinner into tiny little bites. (Yet.)


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