Day 7 training

ORN: Today was an easy, 9 minute pace, but after 10 minutes of warming up, I started running 3 minutes on a hill (at 5 degrees), then 3 back on the flat, then back on the hill. It was (obvisouly) another hamster run - while the treadmill may be boring as heck sometimes, it also can really help with pacing or by controlling the hills and maintaining the tempo of the workout.

I did have to slow down after the third hill, but not much. All in all, I managed 4.46 miles (or so) in 40 minutes, and 15 minutes of that was on the hills. I'll be expanding the times, and increasing the slope (though not much, possibly not beyond 6.5 or so) over the next month or so.

If nothing else, adding hills and speedwork once a week, plus toning down my other runs a bit, will help break the monotony I have been feeling lately. Outdoor running isn't so bad, but, with a young boy at home, I pretty much need to run somewhere with childcare, at least during the week.


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