Training update: Day 6

ORN: 5.2 miles, most at an easy 9 minute pace, the last 1.4 miles all at a 7:30 pace or faster. Still breaking in the new shoes, but they feel really nice and comfortable when running. The residual soreness that often accompanied my runs is gone.

I originally planned to do a nice, easy 5 miles or so. After about 3.8 miles, I wondered if most of the problems I have been having with my pacing are self-imposed. So, I ramped up the speed to 8.0 mph and tossed the towel over the display. (Yeah, today was a hamster day. Most of my runs are, since the local Y has free child care for members.) Anyway, I was able to easily hold that pace until mile 5, and then I ramped it up again for my traditional, end-run kick. It wasn't a huge increase, but until today, I had been having problems holding more than 7.1 mph for over a half mile.

After the plateau I've been stuck on, it was a welcome change. Hopefully, I see some more improvements in the next six or eight weeks, though, to be honest, I'll be happy to actually get to the marathon without suffering any serious injury or setback beforehand.


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