Blogging and logging (the miles)

ORN: Nothing today. Todays was a planned rest day, and, given the cantankerous nature of my shin, probably worth taking off anyway.

My main thought today was that blogging and running are both, quentissentially, solitary activities. Even if you are lucky enough to belong to a runner's club, you probably do the vast majority of your running on your own. Sure, you know the other "regulars" on the road or at the gym - the guy who looks like he is excrutiating pain when he runs, the woman who always wears bright green shirts, the "kid" with a speed that you barely remember from your high school days. But you don't really know who they are - you probably don't know names, or ages, or backgrounds. You run, on your own - against yourself and for yourself. You pit each day against all that you have done before. Sometimes, you set a new PR, sometimes, you pack it in and go home early, unable to accomplish your goals.

Blogging is similar in a lot of ways. Unless you are a big blog, you probably only have a few regular readers. Local people with the same interest know who you are, and you get some random readership, but the vast majority of (non-political) blogs probably have very little traffic. There's no fame, no money, no recognition involved for almost every person who decides to cast their random musings into the vast forum of the "blogosphere." But we do it anyway - for fun, for a sense of belonging, for daily practice in prose, or 'just because.'

Anyway, random thought. The race is long, the posts are odd, but in the end, the only one who really determines what my effort is worth is me.


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