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ORN: No running today. As I said, I went to get new shoes, and my cardinal rule of footwear is to loaf around the house in them for a bit before hitting the treadmill or the road. I'll log some miles tomorrow, but today, I am breaking in my new shoes.

They seem to be pretty nice, but it's kind of shocking, reading all these reviews about how the shoes are for severe over-pronators, and provide maximum support. I knew I overpronated, but I didn't think it classified as "severe." On the other hand, they feel a heck of a lot more comfortable on impact than the pair I was wearing yesterday.

Tomorrow will probably be an easy day. I'm going to back off my speed a little bit for a week or two, and work on building my distance back up. It seems very odd - almost every article I have read the past few days talks about how race pace is almost always faster than training pace. For me, it seems that the opposite is true.

My current training pace allows me (on a treadmill) to run 7 miles/hour for about 90 minutes without feeling really drained at the end. My most recent event has me running the first 10 miles in just under 90 minutes - which is somewhat slower than my training pace. I'd like to improve my race pace, but I haven't been able to really budge my training pace significantly in several months.

Maybe if I back off a bit and add some speedwork, I can get things to change for the better.


Blogger Dallen said...

Your race pace will be faster than training pace when you training runs are longer than your races. It also depends on how much you are willing to hurt during races vs how hard you do training runs Speedwork will help too.

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