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Everyone once in a while, I'll see some blogger with a little blurb about whatever music they happen to which they happen to be listening at that point in time. Sometimes it's an album, sometimes it's a song, and I always wonder about those listings.

See, earlier today, I was busy ripping some songs from my CD collection to my hard drive, for subsequent transfer to my MP3 player. When I rip a CD, it goes into the general "My Music" folder, which is divided according to artist and album. A certain, select number of songs from an album gets copied into another folder, labelled (rather inappropriately at this point) as "Short Run Mix."

This "short run mix" was originally going to be 40-50 songs for my longer workouts, which I figured was just enough variety to keep me from going batty. That (not-so) little folder now holds 451 songs, and takes up about 810 meg. (I'm not sure how long it would take to play everything - Windows Media player has basically shrugged and said "Your guess is as good as mine." I dumped the entire playlist to WMP, and it's slowly updating - but right now, it's been stuck on 12:02:45 for some time*, which is about 60% of my conservative estimate.)

Anyway, it's a pretty varied list. It has songs from Ah-ha to Weird Al, and goes from country to hard rock. It has tunes from my childhood (like Schoolhouse Rock), bands I started listening to in college (Pink Floyd - thanks, Kyle), and random tunes that pay homage to the Mouse. I could try to list them all, but it's kind of pointless. I'd never keep it current, and it does actually change from week to week.

I'm running out of space on the MP3 player though - I have a wish list of another couple dozen songs that I need to hunt down, and I'm sure that I'll keep adding new CDs. It just seems kind of silly to have 900 songs when it will take me days to listen to them all. That's a lot of treadmill time.

* It's now up to 13:54:32, but that's still shy by at least six hours.


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