Boston changes?

A random running blog I found linked to this article discussing possible changes to the Boston Marathon. One quote struck me as particularly humorous, given the time requirements:

"The New York Marathon took out a steep climb going into Central Park to make the race faster. Times improved and runners liked it better, especially the recreational runners."

Sure, New York might have recreational runners, as might Chicago or the Martian Marathon. But, it seems to me, if you can average the 8.25 miles per hour needed at a minimum to qualify at my age (or, put another way, being able to run 7:15 miles for 3 hours and 10 minutes), you're probably not a "recreational" runner.

I'd love to qualify for the Boston someday. But right now, even if I could maintain my pace for a full marathon, I won't qualify for another 27 years. I'm a recreational, semi-casual runner - changes to the only marathon in America with a time-based entry requirement don't really concern me.


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