ORN (see here for definition): Ran 4 miles. I was planning on an easy run of 4-5 miles, but tonight wasn't easy. I had taken some time off, following the half marathon, and a mild bout with the same bug that got my wife, son and a couple in-laws. (Fortunately, it only started settling on race day - whereas my poor wife was sick when she ran.)

Anyway, my shin had been bugging me a fair amount since early- or mid-December. Part of it was surely exacerbated by Kevin's endearingly painful habit of climbing onto my shins when I am sitting on the floor, but part came from either my shoes or a problem in my stride.

The pain was gone until I started running tonight. And now, it's back. It's not bad - I can feel it, but it's nothing that threatens to distract me. I'm planning on slowing down again, and I'm thinking that I might want to switch shoes. My current pair had no more than 100 miles or so left in them, so I was going to replace them fairly soon anyway, but I might want to look at something different. No point in crippling myself for the sake of my health, is there?


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