Nothing much today. . .

No running today - this week will only have 3-4 runs, max, with a total mileage of 10-12. It's almost double last week, and next week it may well double again (depending on my long run). After that, I'll slow down the rate of increase considerably, of course - I just want to get mostly caught up with where I should be. I still have about 9 weeks before my first marathon, but that's only 9 weeks.

Anyway, the big news for today is that we lost power for about 3 or 3 1/2 hours. And, of course, the power went off in the late afternoon, when the sun is going down. Plus, it was cloudy and cold, so the house was getting kind of dark. Eventually, we decided to go out to dinner, and stop by a store and pick up some flashlights.

I know that somewhere, we have three, four or maybe even five flashlights. But, just like paperclips or working ball point pens, you can never find them when you actually need them. We've placed them in specific locations in the house, where we will promptly forget about them, until we have bought another pack the next time the power grid goes.


Blogger Rae said...

Which marathon are you running? Good luck with all your training!

10:14 AM  
Blogger Garou said...

My first will be the EC Trail Marathon, in Libertyville. It's a small marathon, with probably only a couple hundred people. It won't have the energy of a big marathon, but I am mainly using it to get a baseline for the improvement I want to see before I run the Chicago marathon this fall.


11:37 AM  

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