Half-mile repeats

ORN: 4.5 miles, about 36 minutes, 1 degree incline. Today was speedwork, so I did a mile of warm-up, and then started doing 1/2 miles at a 6:30 pace, followed by 1/4 mile recovery at about a 9:40 pace. I managed to get 5 repetitions in, which was actually one more than my goal. I felt pretty good through all of them, although the last two were kind of difficult, and the last one left me wondering if I had any more gas left in the tank. I like this workout (though I did get stuck on one of the bad dreadmills), so I'll probably repeat it next Wednesday, and try to add another repetition.

I have noticed one thing about the Y lately. Okay, we're all going there to work out. Some people are doing 6 miles on the dreadmill, some are doing weights, some are swimming, some are biking, some are walking for 30 minutes, and some are taking an aerobics class. Yet invariably, we all try to park as close to the door as possible. I can understand the elderly doing so, and those of us with young children, but really - if you are committing to an hour of cardio workout, you might as well park an extra 20 yards away. It can't hurt, and those extra steps do eventually add up.


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