I feel the need. . . the need for speed

ORN: Half mile intervals, 1.1 degrees, 9.0 mph - 5 reps

I'm thinking that my intervals aren't fast enough. I did 5, and might have managed 6, if I had bothered to eat breakfast before getting in the car. I might have done even more, but I wasn't doing "normal" interval training.

See, normally, if it takes you (for example) 3:20 to run that half-mile, then you go along at an easy pace for another 3:20. Instead of resting for a full 3:20 after each half, however, I rested for about 2:20, since that completed another quarter mile. So, I was shorting myself some rest, and I still knocked out 5 of them, with a very strong finish on the last one.

Next week, I'll go for 6 or 7, but I am hoping to be increasing that speed to 9.5 or so soon. I'm not planning on making any race a BQ this year, but it would be nice to get faster than I am now.

(Random note - the last couple of runs, today and Tuesday, I have gotten compliments from other runners. Apparently, the fact that the 'mills actually go up to 12 mph is some sort of well-kept secret, and no one ever actually goes that fast. Except me, for my final short sprint at the end. That final kick is getting easier - I am finding myself bumping up against the front of the 'mill, and so I might have to make it a longer kick, since I can't make it any faster.)


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