Bad blogger!

Okay, so I have been bad. I'll write some long-winded post later on, but I have been running. My two most recent runs were something like this:

Run #1: 5 miles, dreadmill, 41:40 (or some such). An insanely annoying, disappointing run. Not because of the time; because I accidentally pulled out the "Emergency Stop" gizmo halfway through the run. And, more aggravating, while it says "Replace Emergency Stop to continue," what it really means is "Replace Emergency Stop to get the workout totals, because no matter how fast you slam that piece back into place, this workout is over!"

Run #2: 5 miles, dreadmill, 39:11. Much better time, no annoying "Emergency Stop" releases, but good heavens! The Y gets so $%$)(*&'ing hot during the day. I swear - when summer hits, I'll be running out in the 90 degree weather because it is cooler outside than in the YMCA! I know that I am exaggerating somewhat, but there is absolutely no air flow, and so it feels so much warmer than it actually is. I do much better on outdoor runs, because I don't feel so over-heated.


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