Update on running

ORN: 4 miles, 1 degree (3 degrees for the last, .1 mile sprint), 30-odd minutes.

I haven't been fired up about running lately. I don't know why - I've just been kind of down in the dumps and not really fired up about it. It will pass, but until it does, my running is going to suffer somewhat. Hopefully, I'll get out and going tomorrow, and I plan on hitting a trail on Saturday, to see if that helps recharge the mental batteries a little bit.

I could still go and do a 10k race on Saturday, but, to be honest, I'm really nowhere close to the mindset that I pretty much need to be in for a race. I could do the distance, but I wouldn't be happy with the time, no matter what. And, unlike other runs where I haven't been happy with the results, a bad time in a race Saturday wouldn't compell me to greater efforts.


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