Trail running

ORN: "Just under 8 miles", time was approximately 68-70 minutes.

I admit that I have no idea exactly how far today's run was, nor the exact time. I glanced at my watch when I locked up the car, and started running within a minute or so, but I wasn't really interested in an exact time tonight. I simply wanted to do better than the last time I ran this particular trail, when it took me about 80 minutes for the full loop.

So, I definitely accomplished that goal. I also didn't bother with Gu during the run, and the only walking I did was at one point, when I was trying to fit one of the rear water bottles back into the belt. In my defence, it was the first time I had actually run with it, so the bottles, being in different positions than my other belt, gave me some problems. And trust me, when you drop a bottle on a trail that is used by, among other things, deer, raccoons and horses, you probably don't want to drink from the bottle until you have had a chance to sterilize it.

I did feel much stronger this time, though I did notice that my posture goes to crap on the tougher hills and technical sections. I'm sure that if I can maintain a more erect pose, and not tighten up so much, it will help a great deal.

It's something to work on, but I am not letting it diminish the sense of accomplishment I feel tonight.


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