Tough workout tonight

ORN: 6.2 miles, 1 degree, 48:41 (I think, but I could be off a bit).

Tonight was a tough workout. I wasn't originally planning on going quite this fast, but nothing was feeling right. My stride felt wrong, landing felt awkward, my arms weren't swinging right - you name it, it just wasn't "clicking" tonight.

So, I decided to pick up the pace and treat it as a more of a race than a workout. My stride wasn't actually off; it just wasn't coming as naturally as it normally does. The whole workout was just tough, mentally speaking. It wiped me out, but more in my head than in my legs. I was tired, and not particularly happy when I was done. I should be happy with the time, but I think what really matters more is that, even though I was not really "into" my run, I didn't cut it short or slow it down - I sped it up and tried to give that ole' determination a workout that it sorely needed.


Blogger Michele said...

Great job on the run and way to tough it out. I hate those runs when you just can't get in the groove.

9:50 AM  

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