ORN: No running today. Rest day, in part due to stepping up both incline and speed on yesterday's run, and partly due to the water issue in the basement.

The water issue, while not fixed, has at least been identified: the water heater is rusting out. It's not something that I had checked for - silly me, I presumed that the water was actually coming up from the place where all the water was. How foolish. After talking to one of the local water damage companies, I was down in the basement, crawling around in the water, searching for air bubbles or some other clue which could help me pin down the location of the seepage.

I know, I know - I should have done this several days ago. But, the base of the wall (where it meets the floor) had previously existing water damage (which was noted on the seller disclosure form), and all the water was in that area, so it was a logical conclusion. The fact that the water heater is nearby didn't really register, until tonight - when everything was turned off (TV, radio, etc), and, more importantly, that 30 lb noisemaker was out for a walk with my wife.

And then I heard it. Dripping. Within seconds I found the source - a steady drip coming from the bottom of the water heater. So, now we have it diagnosed, and I just have to get a new one picked out and insalled, soon. The water damage guys will be coming on Saturday anyway (still want to have someone look for damage to the floor and walls), and the AC guy is coming tomorrow to give it an inspection (which it needed anyway), so hopefully all will be dry again soon.

I suppose it could be fixed. But, in a conversation with the previous owner tonight, he mentioned that this was the second water heater, purchased sometime after they bought the house in 1985, so it's probably 10 years old or so. I have no record of the date of purchase (twas long ago misplaced), and little information on the model, so replacement is probably better than trying to fix it this year. . . .and next year, and the year after that.


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