Riddle me this

ORN: None, rest day.

Okay, so today was a planned rest day, following yesterday's long run. Now, for some reason, it seems like I always do more exertion on my "rest" days than most of my running days, and today was no exception. Today, I mowed the yard and did some other random outside tasks, trying to finish up some of the various landscaping projects before the heat drops down to something tolerable. I mean, where's the challenge in doing these things when the temps are comfortable, right?

Anyway, my yardword today took about the same amount of time as yesterdays run, only I drank a lot less water, I wasn't wearing tech clothes, the temp was warmer, I had no Gu, and I was pushing the mower (with the bagger attachment, since the grass was pretty high). I probably did work harder today than yesterday - pity mowing a lot of lawns wouldn't get me through a marathon. Otherwise, I would just start up my own mowing service or something.

Oh, I'd like to clear up one slight misconception that people may have gotten from yesterday's post: I haven't really worried about getting through a half-marathon since I did my first 8 mile run in this training cycle. It is nice to know, however, that yesterday's run is more than a half - I didn't have to press myself, and, aside from the normal, post-long run stiffness this morning, there were no significant after-effects. So, while I was not worried about it [i]per se[/i], yesterday was a nice confirmation that, barring some unforseen circumstance, that race won't be a problem. Along the same lines, I don't have any real doubts about my ability to get through Chicago, though I am a little concerned about my time. But I will rest easier, when I get a couple of those 18-20 miles runs taken care of again.


Blogger Wes said...

I think we can call that, Cross Training, LOL, using all those muscles you don't get to use on the run!

6:21 PM  

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