Maybe I shouldn't have checked. . .

ORN: 5 miles, 2.5 degrees, 39:39/39:40 (7.5 mph pace on the 'mill)

I had planned on doing a longer run at that pace, possibly even a full hour, but for various and sundry reasons, it got cut short. First, I got off to a late start - this is not due to a tantrum from the son, or problems getting ready, or any of the normal minutiae which can delay my getting to the Y by 15 minutes. No, I was getting everything packed up when the spigot in the sky opened up, and dropped a lakeful of water on us. In other words, it was raining - not just cats and dogs, but entire zoos.

As is the case with most thunderstorms, it was destined to be brief, but I really didn't feel like taking an entire extra set of clothes for both of us to the Y, since, even with an umbrella, we would have been soaked in the brief dash from the car to the entrance.

Second, I made the mistake last night of checking this out. See, even if you set your treadmill for 6.0 mph, you're not really running as hard as you would outside at the same pace. In addition to the lack of hills, snarky cyclists, annoying motorists, and vicious dogs, running on a dreadmill means no wind resistence. So, you have to add a slight incline in order to run with the same effort.

Well, it turns out that, while I was thinking that I was running 8:00 miles (7.5 mph), the reality is that I am running closer to 7:30 miles outside. Or, about 7.8-7.9 mph. I think the shock of that realization really through off today's run.

And, the last thing that did not do me any good - I went running last night, and even though I kept it fairly short, I could still feel it in my legs tonight. I might try and get in some doubles next week - I'll have some extra babysitting help around, and might try to add a couple short evening runs.

ANyway, in our post-Y adventures, we stopped by a local big-box mega store, in order to pick up milk and some other sundries. Let's see - it's the middle of the week, it's the middle of the day, so right now is a perfect time to reset all of the frozen section. Dangit - I really wanted some frozen veggies and the son wanted more "fruit waffles" (waffles with blueberry bits in them). Oh well - we can swing by there tomorrow, after I finish running.


Blogger Arcaner said...

I never really believed in the whole incline thing. At least for me, my gym is always way too hot, and with no fan or breeze to cool me down, I find I sometimes have to work harder to maintain a certain pace on the treadmill.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Wes said...

Running outside for me just seems harder! But it doesn't suprise me that running on the 'mill is not the same as running outside. That seems to be everyone's consensus, including you :-) In our vicoius 95+ degree heat, we've been getting some nasty afternoon thundershowers, which is great for me, cause that is when I tend to run, after it quits raining. Today, I had no rain, and it was HELL :-) But I ran anyways. Showing a little dogged determination there in my young age.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Garou said...

The gym is waay too hot anyway. I have some good-sized patches of scar tissue, which do not sweat. So, running in the heat is always extra-nasty because of it. But, I have found that, whether it is the incline, the lack of a breeze, the lack of Gu or Gatorade (gym only allows water), or whatever, if I can put in some decent work on the treadmill, it serves me quite well when I get out on the open road and in a race.

11:52 PM  

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