First run in a while

ORN: 5 miles, something like 38:45, 2.5 degrees.

Pretty much any time you see "something like" in my ORN, it means only one thing: I hit the stupid STOP button again. Man, I hate that thing. Fortunately, I was just over a mile and a half into the run (1.59, to be precise), and so could recover and manage a moderately decent workout, but it still hurt my overall time and perception. I know I haven't run in several days (whole family has been sick - we're now all over it again, except for some snorkiness on the part of the little one), but I didn't think I had lost that much fitness.

I probably didn't - I was doing okay until I was forced to stop, and it did get better in the last mile or so, which is pretty much normal for that kind of problem.

Today was also play group day, and, with a heat index breaking 100 (easily), it was decided to meet in some nice air-conditioned locale: the mall. The little one got to run around and play for a couple hours, I got to talk to adults. Win-win all around. We even made a detour to the "Big Book Store" (which is the current nomenclature for the chain bookstore in our mall, just as the chain hardware store is "the ceiling fan store"), where I searched in vain for the release of the Animaniacs DVD. Out of stock - they can order it for me, but I can buy it for less on-line (even with shipping), and, since the employee told me that it was out of stock at the warehouse, I'd probably get it faster too.

I didn't need it today anyway - I have a stack of movies, still in shrinkwrap, that I keep meaning to watch, but haven't managed to do so yet. Maybe I should go watch one of them tonight.


Blogger Wes said...

I was going to run on the treadmill too. Seems a big thunderstorm came in and rained on my parade. Unfortunately, I couldn't get all the junk out from around the treadmill to get it down. Instead, I went and ran out in the drizzle. It was 20 degrees cooler and very enjoyable! I'm still going to have to break out that treadmill though.

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