I need a heart rate monitor

ORN: 5 miles, 38:49 (or thereabouts), 2.0 (first mile), 2.5 (miles 2-4.5), 3.0-4.5 (last .5 miles).

I don't keep track of my heart rate while I am running. I've toyed with the idea of getting a heart rate monitor, but I figure I'll save the cash and eventually get a really nice one, with a GPS attached. I do, however, take note of my HR after my final sprint (almost all of my runs end with the last half mile or so at a much faster pace than normal; it helps ensure that, no matter how empty the tank might feel, I can still squeeze something out for a final kick at the finish line.) Usually, it's high, almost 90-95% right after the sprint, but it drops down to 60% within 3 minutes of walking or so.

Tonight, however, I seriously considered getting a cheap HRM, just in self-defence. See, all through my run, several people around me, who were wearing HRMs, were interferring with my machine. At any given time, my HR varied from 111 to 185 back to 155. Considering that I wasn't even trying to check my HR at the time, it got fairly annoying. And, when I did try to check mine, at the end of the run, it took about 90 seconds, to tell me someone else's HR. I swear, it was like duelling banjos or something, and it completely soured my run.

They're nice, useful devices - but they interefere with almost everyone else's workout. Or at least, those of us who aren't using one merely to get vaguely accurate results of our own HR, as opposed to someone else's.


Blogger Wes said...

Just got my heart rate monitor in the mail! I'm excited. I tried it out already and it appears to work really well. I got the cheapo $35.00 Polar B3. Just what I need at this point in my running life! Since I have my own treadmill and I am now focusing on running outside, I'm not too concerned with interference from others. The more expense HRMs are encoded, to keep you from cross contaminating your jogging buddies. I can't wait to try mine out on the road.

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