Someday my fitness will improve

ORN: 2.5 degrees, 5 miles, 39:03. Spiked both speed and inclination for the last quarter mile, mainly in the last tenth.

Somedays I feel like I am just treading water. Today was actually easier than yesterday, but I'm still working at regaining the fitness I lost over the past couple weeks - one week of slacking and one week of sickness just shot down some dreams of massive improvements in my times.

I'm still holding out some hope, though. I'll probably increase the speed and/or incline on the dreadmill in the next week or so, and see if I can make it through 5 or 6 miles at a shot then. If I keep doing that, then, so I hope, when race day comes, I can maintain a 7.3 or 7.5 mph pace for most of the race, since it would be "easy", at least by comparison.

I'm still planning on doing some doubles next week - maybe a fairly easy morning run of 4-5 miles at the current settings, and an easy evening run of 3-4 miles outside. I'll be sore, the workouts will be tougher in tandem than they would if I were only doing one per day, but hopefully I will see some improvement by doing them.

Or I'll just injure myself. We'll have to wait and see.


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