She's home from the hospital

My mom was discharged from the hospital today. Well, technically yesterday, since it is very early Monday morning as I write this, but, at any rate, the main point is that she is now home. She got put back on a liquid diet on Friday, and I think she actually had some solid foods yesterday.

My sister had gone out and bought her a Nerf dart gun, and apparently my mother had been taking friendly potshots at relatives and the staff. When she managed to peg the oncologist (twice) and the surgeon, they pretty much agreed that (1) she had to be feeling much better; and (2) she was probably well enough to go home. So, she's home, and although she is still sick, and will start chemo again soon, there are some reasons to remain hopeful.

On a running note, I went for a home dreadmill run tonight, aiming more for time than speed or distance. For the past month (at least), my runs have been short 2-3 mile things, at best, with the intent to be done in 20 minutes or less. So, tonight I slowed it down, and did 4 miles at a more leisurely pace. It's boring, since I have no TV in the area yet, but at least I can aim a fan right at myself, and keep things like Gatorade and Gu nearby. I'll move a TV and VCR over there sometime in the next couple of days, so that I can watch movies or something while I run. I won't do it all the time, because I feel that I need to remember how to combat the mind-numbing boredom of slogging along for close to four hours - though I'd like to cut that boredom down to barely three hours. Say, 3:09:59?


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Glad your mom is home from the hospital. If you are going to go that low in your goal time, why not 2:59:?? Run Good!

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