Test spin on the treadmill

Okay, so it's not technically an inaugural run, since my wife used it for a while last night. Still, she's pregnant, and normally runs a bit slower than I do, so tonight was the first time that our treadmill has been really put through its paces.

Well, some of them, anyway. I barely used the incline, but I did max out the speed for a bit. I haven't run any significant distance in over a month. Instead, I have been doing a lot of short, 15 minute, 2+ mile runs, and trying to work on form, cadance and speed. Tonight, I planned on doing 3-4 miles, using the target heart rate program, and just seeing how it went.

In a word, lousy. Somewhere around mile 1.20, the monitor lost track of my pulse long enough for the 'mill to decide that I was dead, and stopped. That's okay, since I used the opportunity to scrounge around and set up a box fan, situated to provide at least some cooling. I then knocked off another 2 miles, with the HRM losing track of me several times. I think it's just where it's located, though I might not have it tight enough for a good contact. I'll fiddle with it, just to see. If not, the HRM wasn't a huge selling point anyway; I'm going to start saving for a Garmin, which will be my little present to myself when I finally run a BQ race.

Total miles for the year: 5 (gads, how depressing).


Blogger Wes said...

Yup. No pulse. Your dead :-) Saving for a Garmin? Excellent choice! I love mine. We lost the key to my treadmill that tightens the belt, so I have to be careful when I run on mine. LOL. I don't want to get thrown out the windows.

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