Sub-20 5K?

Shyeah, right. Not when you largely neglect speedwork for several months, and pace along at an easy pace (faster than last year, but not pushing by any means). I hopped on the 'mill tonight, and decided to see if I could manage a sub-20 5k, and, if not, see how close I was.

The results are not entirely discouraging, but not good. I managed to pull off a semi-respectable (for me) 22:00, in part because I just took off too fast. I held the requisite speed for a mile, but then had to slow way down (from 9.4 mph to 7), and slowly ramp things back up. I still managed a nice sprint at the end (which gave me the 22:00), and I think that a more even pace will probably see more closer to 21:00 than not.

I have started add time and miles to my daily runs, since what I had been doing will only see me through an 8k race, tops. I might be able to bull my way through a half-marathon, but 26.2 would see me bonk hard, probably by mile 15 or so. So, Sundays run was 4 miles, and Mondays was 5. This puts my current YTD total at 21.1 miles. Still depressing, but it's a start.


Blogger Wes said...

Yup. and it's a good start too!

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