The belt goes round, and round, and round

Short post - I went for another short run last night, adding another 3 miles to my YTD total. The speed was slower than I would have liked, but I had increased the incline to 2 degrees. I am hoping, by the end of March, to do most of my training runs at eithe 2.0 or 2.5 degrees, and at a higher rate of speed than I am doing now. It's tougher than I remembered, but although my legs are were a bit sore this morning, I will probably do another 4 miles or so tonight at the same incline.

In the meantime, my boast about the past two years (in which I proclaimed that the main reason we haven't had snow was because I own a 24" wide snowblower) has been proven to be quite false. We are still under a winter weather advisory, and I believe that we had blizzard warnings yesterday. It was worse to the north and west of us, but we still have a good amount of snow, strong winds, freezing temperatures, and other assorted winter nastiness.

I kind of wish I had better cold-weather gear, especially the Yaktrax. Might be fun to run laps around the neighborhood - I'd never be more than .25 miles from home, and only a couple dozen yards from a house. Plus, it's all a big loop, so stopping when it was too much would be pretty easy. Instead, I'll choose the wiser, but much less invigorating, treadmill workout.


Blogger Wes said...

LOL. I think that snow blower will definitely come in handy eventually! Now I need to go find out what a Yaktrax is :-)

3:58 PM  

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