Oh, my knees are going to hate me tomorrow

Tonights run was more than I bargained for. I stuck to my original plan, or at least fairly close. 5 miles, at a much reduced speed, but an increased incline, and then reducing the incline and increasing the speed every mile. You wouldn't think that a 5% grade would be so bad, but it was not pleasant. I stuck it out for the first three miles, and then dropped the incline over mile 4, and ran on a 0 grade for the last mile. My knees were sore afterwards, but they are feeling better already, so I'm opimistic that they will be fine for cross-training tomorrow.

Nothing much happened on the home front today - the munchkin is still waffling between accepting that he should be using the potty, and resisting the swtich from the familiar yet soggy diapers. He's getting better, and he should have everything down right about in time to revert to wettting through in an effort to score attention when his sister gets here.

I've dug out some of my old books on coding, and am looking into some template changes, as well as adding other links. So, no changes today, but more changes soon. Honest.


Blogger Wes said...

Ohhh. A 5% incline! That is CRAZY :-) So you are doing the potty training? LOL. That was always fun for us, but the kids are smart. They get it eventually...

8:36 AM  

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