Speedwork and recovery, all in one day

Yep, I pulled a double today. This morning, the fates shined upon me, the heavens opened, the stars aligned, and so forth. Or, more simply, my son finally agreed to go to the Y again. Ever since we got back from vacationing at the in-laws, the munchkin hasn't wanted to go play at the Y. Or the library. Or any of his other favorite haunts. He has mainly wanted to stay home and play with his toys (which he did miss while we were away), though he will consent to going grocery shopping as long as we buy milk and "Amtrack cheese." (String cheese, long story, I'll tell it someday.)

So, anyway, still feeling the vague sting of last nights failed attempt, I decided on a little speedwork. The plan was do to a few .25 mile sprints, each followed by a .25 mile slow jog for recovery. I only did 8, mainly due to time pressures, which leads me to believe that I need to increase the recovery speed and probably the sprint speed by a bit. Or just keep doing them until the machine decides that an hour was enough. I also did some rowing, but it's going to be a while before I build up all those nice protective callouses that stop the blisters from forming. In time, in time. . . in the meanwhile, I content myself with 10-15 extra minutes of rowing after the rest of the workout.

And tonight, after running a few sundry errands (new comic day, and we needed more pull-up diapers), I decided to pull a double and run a 5 mile recovery run. I had to fight to keep the speed down, and it might have been too slow, but I did pick it up for the latter half of the run, and got downright speedy for the last mile. Tomorrow, I may be a cripple (and I'm being reminded now that toenails are optional equipment anyway), but it felt good to pull off two runs in a day. Actually, I did three within the space of 24 hours. And if I get to the gym early enough tomorrow and run instead of cross-training, I could do 4 runs within 36 hours.


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Coming back strong very quickly!

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