Boy, that stunk (and a short discussion on small penis syndrome)

Tonight's run just plain stunk. I could blame it on the food I ate (beans & rice, only an hour and some before running), I could blame on the fact that I messed up calculating my required pace, and started too slowly, I could even blame it on the fact that the munchkin woke up a half hour earlier today than yesterday (5 am, whereas yesterday it was 5:30, and a luxurious 6 am the day before that. I long already for the heady days of last weekend, when he slept in as late as 7 am. Luxury.) In the end, however, tonight's run was just disappointing all around. I did another 5k time trial, and wound up with 22:34. I'll stew about it for another day or so, then keep plugging away, and see if I can break the 21:30 barrier next Friday or Saturday.

Now, to the whole "small penis syndrome" thing. On my way home from the way, I wanted to pass a sedan on the highway. Now, granted, I was passing on the right, but they were doing 55 in a 70, and for no reason - the weather was okay (not great, but nothing worth losing 15 mph over either). They saw me, and sped up, preventing me from passing them by boxing me in behind another vehicle in the right lane. I shrugged and said "Okay, they're doing limit now, maybe they just weren't familiar with the area or something" and go in behind them. They slowed back down to 55 - 60. When I finally got around the second vehicle, again I tried to pass them. And again they sped up, boxing me in once again. This happened three times (I think), and they finally tried cutting me off from my intended exit from the highway. The moral of the story, however, is that if you are going to be doing 15 under the limit in the left lane, you will get passed. And sometimes, the car that wants to pass you is actually a minivan. Learn to deal with it, or learn to drive the speed limit (or in the right hand lane).

As an aside note, my lovely wife just told me that there is some high school sporting thing going on in town, so we have a lot of unchaperoned adolescents, who (according to her) were trying to peel out in a 15 passenger van, and generally playing all sorts of "funny" little road games with each other. It's nice that you are trying to nudge each other off the road; it just makes me want to call it in as a suspected drunk driver. (Pity I forgot about the cell phone until I was home; I haven't carried one on a routine basis in well over a year, so I just didn't think about it.)


Blogger Wes said...

Here in Atlanta, we would've run the bastard off the road... Well, I wouldn't have, but I can assure you that that would've been a dangerous maneuver. In Florida it would have gotten them shot. Small penis indeed.

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