Hey, I'm on a streak

Technically, anyway. Day 6 of a running streak is no great thing; I have heard of streaks of thousands of days, several that are even decades long, where runners have run at least 3 miles every day, without fail. By comparison, hitting day 6 is the merest of blips on the radar screen. Still, it shows that I am back in training, and reforming the lapsed habits that, hopefully, will make me Boston-bound at some point in my life.

Although I said yesterday that most of my workout today would be on a spin bike, I only biked for 10 minutes. I probably would have done more, but (1) I had already run (see below); (2) I wanted to start weight training again; and (3) the munchkin and I had to go grocery shopping before lunchtime. So, it could have been longer, and I am sure the triathlete (judging from his copy of last years results) biking next to me was wondering why I stopped after only 10 minutes. (10 minutes, in which I am proud to add, I essentially matched his cadence.)

It was my run which took most of the time today. Only 4 miles, and completely on the flat, but I finished it in 28:30. I started fairly slow (easier effort than the last few days, especially since it was flat), and after the first mile, really poured on some steam. I'm hoping to replicate that same feat, in another month, but at 2.5 degrees of incline. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy feeling all zippy and stuff.

The munchkin did wake up at 4 am this morning, but I was able to shuttle him back into his own bed and get him back down without much hassle. He rewarded me by sleeping in until 6:30, which was fine by me.


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