That was a bad idea

Still haven't caught up, but I thought I would mention this:

If you do intervals on (say) Tuesday night, then Wednesday afternoon is probably not a good time to do a tempo run. I suffered through it, and even did a nice 3 miles at my current hopeful race pace, but it wasn't a pretty sight.

Today was a longer recovery run. The most difficult thing was watching the woman two dreadmills down who was doing (what I hope) was a long tempo run, and thinking "I could do that, probably." I might have been able to (though it would have been a fast pace for an hour run), but I really needed to do a recovery run, and not beat myself up so much.


Blogger Wes said...

Reminds me of that, "You know you're a runner if"

You see someone running and feel like you should be out there, even if you did a 15 miler that morning :-)

8:52 AM  

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