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In yesterday's post, ShoreTurtle asked which Michigan marathon I plan on doing. Right now, I am contemplating the Freep Marathon, simply because (1) it is reasonably close to home; (2) it's several weeks post-Chicago, so I should be able to hobble through it; and (3) it sounds like a fun course.

Next year will include Florida for certain, and probably Chicago again, but I want to add Indiana and Ohio. I'd think about Wisconsin, but will have to see when the dates are set for next years races.

Marathons aside, I've signed up for a 10k later this year (June something, I think), and will be adding another 10k and a half-marathon for April. I think I might manage a 5k sometime this summer, and there is my usual half-marathon on Labor Day weekend.

I do need to start planning and budgeting for all the airfare and hotels that trying to do 3-6 marathons per year is going to cost, in time and money. I'm not going to worry about doing a lot of them now, but it's something that I need to keep in mind.

Oh yeah - tonight's run was quarter mile repeats. Fun fun fun. Really, honest. Even though they hurt, and I was wearing my heavy shoes. I'm sure they get better eventually, once I do enough of them.


Blogger Wes said...

Sounds like an exciting plan! Nothin better to keep you motivated.

7:55 AM  

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