Not zippy yet, but definitely faster

ORN: Running, 40 minutes, 4.89 miles, 1 degree incline. I'm actually a little disappointed in this run, though not much. The run was preceded by 30 minutes in the therapy pool, along with my son, in an infant swim class. This does not count as appreciable exercise, but moving around in the warm water (and then the struggle to get him dried off and changed in the locker room, while I also changed into running gear) was enough for me to skimp on my warm-up a bit.

Anyway, I was on track to make 5.0 miles through about half the run, but had to back off a little. I recovered enough to have a good strong finish, but I was so close that I could taste it. 5.0 miles would have given me a nice average pace of 7.5 mph, which is actually noticeably faster than what I was running at the end of last year.

Oh well - this week has another short run (40-50 minutes), a 12-miler, a couple days of cross-training and some tempo work still. And, considering that I am still getting back in the swing of things after my hiatus, I am relatively pleased.

But still. . . only .11 miles short. So close, and yet still so far. Soon, soon. . . .


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