Haven't updated in a couple of days. Here's the ORN for the missing period.

Friday: No running. I was originally going to go running in the morning, but the son was being a bit of a pill, and I figured I would just to be my run in the evening instead. That changed when, about noon, I received word that my plans for most of Saturday had been cancelled, leaving me with a big block of open time. This changed things. . .

Saturday: ORN 10 miles, <90 minutes, all at 1 degree inclination. I decided to go on a long run on Saturday instead of going on a short run Friday night. It go me back in the habit of running longer distances again - this was the longest I had done since the Disney half-marathon, and I need to start adding these long runs back into the mix. The time got a little messed up, because I had to stop the dreadmill for a minute (which was the bad news - the good news is that I can cross another food off my pre-race possibilities list).

Thinking of Disney, I was looking back at the results. My official pace time was 8:52/mile. At the ten-mile mark, my time was 1:28:39 - or, 1 second off that pace. I actually would have done better, and had a nice negative split*, had I not taken a needed potty break at mile 12, and shed the last of my protective gear about 11.

* I did have negative splits - I just messed up on the watch and didn't get them recorded. I wish I had taken more care in tracking them, just for posterity's sake.


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