Long time, no update on the running

OKay, let's get some of these out of the way, shall we?

Thursday - no running. I turned it into a rest day instead.

Friday - same 5 mile course, 43:0x. Might have broken 43 again, but I had to slow down and dodge an enthusiastic and friendly dog as I was accelerating toward the finish point.

Saturday - long run. According to G-map pedometer, it was about 15.15 miles, and I finished it in 2:11:59. Not bad, considering that the first half was 65 minutes, so I almost managed even splits. I would have managed negative splits, but I failed the mental toughness test, and slowed down to walking speed at some of my water stops. I think I went out a little too fast, and it hurt me in the end. I didn't kill myself on this though - I stepped into the house, and fifteen minutes later was headed out the door to help go pick up a new computer for one of the sisters-in-law. (The upside is that I scored a free brick - I mean, laptop, which will be useful when NaNoWriMo comes around again in November. It's much easier, and less isolating, to pick up a laptop and move from room to room, than it is to sit here at the desk and grind out 2000 words per day. And this year, I am aiming for almost 3k words/day, on average.)

Sunday - no run, but I did enjoy a nice long drive from the northern suburbs back home.

Today - 3.5 miles, 27 minutes, 1.5 degrees. Back on the treadmill again, and my left knee is bugging me a bit. I'll take it easy this week - last week, I added an extra workout, went back up to 4-5 days of running, and upped both my long run and my weekly mileage. This week, I need to ease off a little, and let my body heal up from the added stress.


Blogger Wes said...

Wow! 15.5 miles is impressive. I love Gmap. I've confirmed the mileage too in my automobile... If your knee is bothering you, you might need to make an adjustment in your form. Then again, maybe not :-) I'm confident you know best.

11:32 AM  

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