Feeling more confident

ORN: 7.5 miles, 1.3 degrees (2 miles), 1.5 degrees (5.4 miles), 2.0-5.5 degrees (last .1 miles, final sprint at 12.0 mph), all save final sprint at 7.5 or faster. (Most faster, since I started increasing speed after mile 2). Total 100 club miles - 39.5

I'm feeling more like I might come close to that time goal after all. Today's run was pretty easy - I felt stronger and more relaxed than I have for the past few days, though not quite as strong and confident as I would like. I know that the legs remember the distance, and that short runs aren't always good indicators, but I will confess that I felt considerably more confident for my first marathon - it seems like my solo runs were longer (on average), and I know that I did more hills. On the other hand, almost all of my treadmill were at lower inclination that what I have been doing in recent months, so I am hoping that makes up for passing on the bigger hills on the long slow runs.

Chicago should be a pretty flat course though. . . at least, I think it is. Maybe I will plug it into the G-maps pedometer tonight and see.



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