Missing post from 10/13

ORN: 5 miles, 1.3 degrees, all at 8 min/mile or faster, 7.5 miles on the bike. Total "100 mile club" miles - 47.

Friday was one of those days where some things go well, and some, not so well. On the plus side, we got the laundry cabinet installed, and a bunch of things moved from what is currently the sewing room (soon to be the baby's room) down to the new shelving in the basement. On the down side, what we thought would be a simple job (replacing an existing ceiling fan) is not so simple - the new one uses a different box than the existing one, and I'm not sure that the existing one is in there properly anyway. While I could probably hack the necessary holes in the ceiling myself, we might just pay someone to come and replace three or four ceiling fans.

They released video of the course for the Chicago marathon, and some highlights from last years race as well. And, predictably, when 40,000 people clicked on the link, bad things happened, and it took hours before I could actually watch it.

Still talking to my family about when & where they are planning to be to watch me run. I keep telling them that there is a very good chance that I simply will not see them - they have more eyes among them, and they are looking for only 1 out of 40,000. I would be looking for 4-5 out of 1.5 million.


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