Last medium run before Chicago

ORN: 10 miles, 1.3 degrees, 8 min/mile or faster. Total miles for "100 mile club" - 57.

I'm still on the fence between signing up for the 3:30 and 3:40 pace groups. Today's run offered little edification. The way I see it, I have these factors as pros & cons for being actually able to run a whole 26.2 miles at the 8 min/mile that I would need for a 3:30.

  • Crowd energy - it just keeps me up and moving, which would be a big help in the latter stages of the race
  • Gu & Gatorade - today's run was only on water. I did it, and even had a nice sprint at the end, though it was only 38.4% of the actual distance
  • Weather - the Y is hot. Outside is not hot. Hot is bad. Not hot is good. I'd much rather run in 50 degree weather than 74 degree weather.
  • Improvement - I've been looking over a lot of the posts I made before my last marathon. I'm running noticeably faster, and at a higher incline. This does boost my confidence somewhat.
  • 3:30 is fast. Pushing it fast. 18 minutes of my PR fast. That might be too much of a bite to take at once time, especially considering that I. . .
  • Missed some long runs - I missed a long run for a family emergency, one or two for sickness, cut one short due to injury, cut one short to run a fast (1:43) half-marathon, etc. I just don't feel as trained as I did last time.
  • Crowds - 40,000 people is a lot of people. Even if I don't have to weave through them all (and I don't), it still means that I have miles of "Get out of my way" thoughts running through my head and interrupting my rythym.
  • No music - *sniff* I'll have to run without my mp3 player. No "Superman" theme song, no Weird Al, 80's rock, Spamalot, Disney, ska, etc. I can do it, as I generally ran most of my long runs sans music, but good tunes really help move the feet along about mile 20.
I've still got a couple days to decide. The rest of my runs are going to be short, no incline, and slower. I'll probably bike a bit too, but easy and slow - no sense working hard before the 22nd, right?


Blogger Running Jayhawk said...

Yep...no sense. There isn't anything else you can do this week to make you be faster or stronger.

Rest up and I'll see you out there next Sunday!!! You'll be brilliant and have a time that others will envy!

8:13 PM  

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