I hate blogger beta

ORN: 6 miles, 1.3 degrees, all at 8 min/mile or faster. Total miles: 27.

Let me start off by saying that I hate the beta blogger stuff. It won't remember me, and it periodically forgets my password, forcing me to go through the "Reset the password" routine, usually more than once before it gets set properly. And, as soon as I restart my computer (sometimes as soon as I close that browser window), it happens all over again. Gah.

Update on the running - I am still waffling on whether or not a 3:30 is possible at Chicago. Today's run was easier than yesterday's, but still more towards the difficult side than the easy. This should be a fairly easy, relaxed pace - it's no faster than my recent half-marathon, but thanks to missing some days, my confidence is shot, and my fitness has lost what little edge it possessed. I'll keep plugging away, but with only a few days to go, I'm not sure if it will do anything other than prop up a false sense of potential for the 22nd.

Non-running update: Yesterday afternoon, when I went up to wake the li'l guy from his nap, I found that he had made quite a mess in his room. This is not wholly abnormal - he typically plays for 20-30 minutes before going to sleep, which is lots of time to strew toys, blankets, pillows, etc around the room. Yesterday, he outdid himself. Not only had he done that, but he also had stuffed a half-dozen new diapers into his diaper pail (yeah, like I am fishing those out!), and completely emptied a new box of wipes. Not good, but not scary either. No, the scary came when I was surveying the damage, and saw that he had taken down a table lamp, removed the lamp shade, and unscrewed the bulb. And, the button was in the "on" position! That lamp is no longer in his room, and we've been reminding him repeatedly since then that "Lamps are a 'No Touch!' They will give you owies."

We'd been telling him that before. He'd never been interested in the lamp (at least, interested enough to pull it down, let alone take it apart!) before. I'm incredibly thankful that nothing happened. Kinda puts a few lost diapers and wipes into perspective though, doesn't it?


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