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I'm really out of the habit of posting daily updates anymore. I could blame World of Warcraft, global warming, carpal tunnel syndrome, intermittent power outages, global thermonuclear war, or possibly even a nice game of chess. The reality is that I just haven't gotten around to it. I have been updating my workouts on Breaking the Tape, so there is a semi-daily update, but nothing that is notable or entertaining content.

My last couple runs (both 5 miles) have been pretty frustrating. They're harder than they should be, slower than they should be, and frankly more painful than they should be. So, I am trying to dial back the intensity a bit, and maintain the mileage. It's going to be a while before I get up to my weekly goal of about 40-45 miles, and my hope for a 50 mile week probably won't be realized before summer.

And that's okay. Because in a couple of days, no later than Monday, we add another member to this household. And while it's been difficult to run at times due to the munchkin, his sister is going to make it that much more difficult. I'll just have to be flexible, and try to keep the number of workouts fairly constant, because everything else is going to have to be changable.


Blogger Wes said...

Balance, my friend. Even with all that, you can do it. I wouldn't worry so much about the mileage. I would find that "fun" place again first. The rest will come. I will keep you in my thoughts as the blessed even unfolds. Godspeed, and blessings.

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