Disappointing speed workout

ORN: 3.5(ish) miles, 27-28(ish) minutes, 1 degree.

Today was the first time I had done any real tempo work in more than a month, and it showed. I did a nice easy warm-up mile (which is included in the figures above), and then started doing half-mile intervals (similar to Yasso 800s) Foolish me, I was planning on doing them in 3 minutes, with 3 minutes of recovery between them.

The good news is that I finished two, and, thanks to a longer break, did an almost passable third one (sort of - I cut it short, like .4 miles, but kept the speed up). I walked a little bit of a cooldown, then did a much more manageable half mile, just to get the bad taste of the last, failed interval out of me.

I also did some weights, but I can see that my tempo work has a long way to go, if I want to shave any significant time off my next marathon. I only have 5 months or so to prepare, and it will go by faster than I want it to. So, tempo workouts are definitely being written into the schedule again, as opposed to being a more ad hocworkout.


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