Quick morning run

ORN: 4 miles, 30 minutes, (mostly) 1 degree.

I really wanted to run outside today - it's raining and 40-odd degrees, which would be great for a quick 30-45 minute run. Unfortunately, my wife is out of town, and if I am going to get any running down, it had to be at the local YMCA, where I can put my son in the child watch.

So, I found myself once again on the dreadmill. At least today I had my pick of models; some days it seems that everyone is trying to run, and other days, no one is using a single one. I was planning on a hard, fast run; both because I need to do more of those, and because I had another couple errands to do after running but before lunchtime. I initially had the dreadmill at a 2 degree incline, but, after half a mile or so, I dialed it back down to 1, and picked up speed instead.

I do want to increase to 2 degrees though. I'm fairly certain that my constant dreadmill training at 1 degree had something to do with the improvement in my speed, and I'm pretty sure that doing some runs at 2-3 degrees will have some positive results, as long as I structure the recoveries accordingly.

Random thought from the grocery store - when exiting the grocery store, I noticed a car sitting in the middle of the lane, engine idling. They sat and waited for at least 2-3 minutes for a parking space, when they could have parked 30 feet away and walked into the store in half that time. Instead, they were lazy, and burned extra gas while waiting for the chance to deny themselves a little bit of exercise. And they can't use the weather as an excuse - it was only drizzling, so they would have barely gotten wet.


Blogger Michele said...

oh those people drive me crazy! I really hate it when I am stuck behind them and just want to get around so I can park in a spot 3 or 4 down!!
Great job on your run. I hate that treadmill and it really takes a lot more effort to make myself run when that is my only option.

12:00 PM  

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