Time for a new goal

ORN: None - still getting back into habit of running, will be running tomorrow.

I decided that I really needed a new goal. So, I registered for Chicago Marathon today, and I am almost certain to reigster for the Runner's Edge trail half-marathon. The half is in early September, and I plan on using it as a hard training run for the marathon (which would follow about 7 weeks later, so it won't negatively impact my performance). I'm not planning on making this a Boston-qualifying performance, but I am going to train with the intent of significantly improving my time.

I'm aware that the crowds might well impair my performance in the initial miles, but I did qualify for (and request) to be in the Preferred Start (II) corral - I made the qualifying cut of 3:55:59. If I can get in, I should have no more than 10,000 people in front of me. And that's assuming that I am in the back of the corral, and that the Competitive, Preferred (I) and (II) corrals are all filled to the current estimated maximum capacity.

I've got over half a year to train and prepare - lots of time to work on improving my speed.


Blogger Lana said...

That's awesome that you are running Chicago! I think I want to do that one in '07...so I'll be anxiously awaiting your opinions of it.

11:51 AM  

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