Long time, no post

ORN: 5 miles, 1 degree, 39:0x minutes.

I haven't been running much lately; in fact, today was the first run since last week. Things have been busy, and I haven't had time for a lot of things. Hopefully, I can get in a run tomorrow; but, as long as I get another couple good runs in this week, I'm going to be relatively happy.


Blogger tmt4TNT said...

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1:10 PM  
Blogger tmt4TNT said...

5 miles in 39 minutes?!? Wow, you're one of the elite's, huh? Guess you better be ready for a pseudo beginner for 6 years bugging you with questions.

What are you training for?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Garou said...

I'm actually a far cry from the elites - my time may place me towards the front of the pack in a large race, but, compared to the people who do an "easy" run of 9-10 miles per hour (for an hour or more), I have a long way to go before I even see the backs of their jerseys.

Anyway, I am training for the Chicago Marathon. I'm hoping to knock about 15-20 minutes off my previous time, which will bring me closer (but still a ways off) to qualifying for Boston.

(And yeah, I'll answer questions to the best of my ability.)

1:57 PM  

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